m. reek, vapour.
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m. and eimi, a, m. [this word may be akin to O. H. G. âtam; Germ. athem; Fris. ethma, adema, omma; A. S. âdm,—a Scandin. contracted form would be sounded eim; Dan. em; Norse æm, Ivar Aasen]:—reek, vapour, from fire or embers, different to gufa, steam from boiling; eimr ok reykr, Stj. 58; e. ok aldrnari, vapour and fire, Vsp. 57; eim hratt, vapour gushed out, Orkn. (in a verse); eimr skaut hrími, the vapour sent forth soot, Lex. Poët.: when the poets (Edda Gl.) call fire eimr, this can only be in a metaphorical sense; the sword is poët. called eimnir, m. reeking (with blood).
β. in mod. usage eimr is also used of sound, a faint sound, tune; fyrir sönglistar sætan eim, Bb. 1. 4.

An Icelandic-English dictionary. . 1874.

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